A downloadable asset pack

Includes all six developer assets released under the Edge Engine brand for GamerMaker Studio 1.4.

Edge DS
Eliminates letterboxing with real-time, fast and efficient display scaling. Also includes functions for scaling UI and game assets. A complete responsive design package for GameMaker Studio!
Edge SS
Easily create smooth splash screens for your product or band, featuring both built-in and extensible animations
Edge VN
A highly customizable visual novel engine with smooth animations, support for unlimited characters, extensible keyframe animations, support for stylistic text markup, and much more!
Edge Hex
Adds support for hex color notation (aka HTML color notation) into GameMaker Studio
Edge FS
A complete solution for saving and loading any information your game needs! Edge Filesystem writes and restores all data types with ease, and includes a solution for tracking total time played as well as obfuscating saved files to prevent external modifications.
Edge FMV
The first ever native video player for GameMaker Studio! Edge FMV is an experimental addon which uses a custom conversion application to generate royalty-free formats playable on a wide variety of platforms.

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