Your eyes aren't deceiving you! It's finally here: the first major VNgen update since the roadmap to version 1.1.0 was announced nearly one year ago. The new 1.0.8 update lays the groundwork for a whole new way to use VNgen coming in the future, and gives you a whole lot of requested features and quality-of-life improvements right now.

This update was designed to replace even more legacy GameMaker code to take full advantage of GameMaker Studio 2, improve and standardize syntax, remove several pain-points from previous versions, and give users deeper access to the engine without increasing the complexity of using it.

But don't take my word for it! Have a look at the complete changelog below, then download the update and get started! 

If you're coming from a previous version of VNgen, be sure to also check out the Compatibility Notes to get your existing projects upgraded as smoothly as possible. It's always a goal to make as few breaking changes as possible, but while there might be more than usual this time, I'm confident you'll agree it's worth the trouble.

Additions, updates, and fixes in VNgen 1.0.8:

  • Added support for GameMaker Studio 2 individual sprite speeds
    • Global animation speed arguments have been removed from vngen_object_draw, vngen_log_draw, vngen_emote_create, and vngen_emote_create_ext
    • Other timing functions have also been improved as a result of this update
  • Added vngen_file_save_map to facilitate adding VNgen data to fully custom save files
  • Added vngen_set_vol and audio type macros to replace individual audio volume scripts
    • Volume control of UI/navigation sounds is now supported
    • Volume can now be set from the debug command console
  • Added ‘auto’ keyword support to vngen_log_add, allowing custom content to be added to the backlog using the system queue
  • Added looping animation support to emotes
  • Added support for custom hotspots using rectangular collision masks (bounding boxes) on options and buttons
  • Added new scanline and radial blur shaders
  • Added new cubic bezier ease mode
  • Added new ‘output’ functions to retrieve the state of many ‘input’ functions, such as whether or not the engine is paused, or a button or option is held down
  • Added new ‘get’ functions for global audio volumes, text alignment, lineheight, text speed, and event read state
  • Added new vngen_code_execute functions for running arbitrary code as VNgen actions without the use of scripts
  • Updated vngen_set_lineheight to support per-entity lineheight multipliers
    • Save functions now also read and write global lineheight multipliers
  • Updated input functions to use a common prefix and support explicit true/false settings in addition to toggles
    • Important! See compatibility notes for a list of syntax updates!
  • Updated vngen_option_clear to support removing option results from history as well as memory
  • Updated UI visibility toggle script to optionally allow progression while hidden
  • Updated vngen_room_goto to optionally allow skipping to a VNgen event upon room change
  • Updated highlight argument in vngen_object_draw and perform argument in vngen_instance_change to be optional (enabled by default)
  • Updated auto prompts to match text scale and rotation, not just position
  • Updated backlog audio to match global voice volume
  • Updated vngen_file_load to support switching rooms upon loading files
  • Updated vngen_file_load_map to accept ds_maps generated by vngen_file_save_map
  • Fixed multiple crashes related to running file functions when files or save data do not exist
  • Fixed room data missing from unencrypted save files loaded with vngen_file_load_map
  • Fixed text alignment and speed reverting to global defaults after window is resized
  • Fixed volume functions causing crashes when run outside of a VNgen object or after the running VNgen object has been cleared
  • Fixed pause state not being preserved if vngen_goto is run while the engine is paused
  • Fixed indefinite pauses applying even if auto mode is enabled
    • All negative values will now trigger indefinite pause, but if auto mode is enabled, the literal numeric value will be used instead. (e.g. [pause=-2] will pause for 2 seconds if auto mode is enabled, and pause indefinitely otherwise)
    • This behavior can be enabled or disabled with vngen_set_auto_type
    • This update applies to both events and text markup
  • Fixed options being added to the backlog even when an empty string is used
    • Image-only options are now properly supported
  • Fixed vngen_get_option clearing options prematurely if an option ID is provided in the same event as options are presented
  • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements


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Feb 07, 2020

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