• Miscellaneous fixes and improvements



  • Added native GameMaker Studio 2 support
    • GameMaker Studio 1 support now moved to critical updates and bug fixes only
  • Added native 4K support to internal functions and debug interface
  • Added *_transformed functions to VNgen options for added hover/select animation and stylization
    • This also replaced the extra color functionality previously added to vngen_option_create_ext, resulting in a simpler *_ext function
  • Added on-screen buttons as a new entity type
    • Log buttons have been rewritten to match the new button standard and can now be used to execute arbitrary code, not just scroll the log
    • The existing vngen_type_button macro now refers to both log buttons and standard buttons and can be used to check both in property functions
  • Added support for deformations of any number of subdivisions
    • Deformation columns and rows can now be set on a per-deformation basis
    • Updated the included def_wave deformation to display an actual sine wave
  • Added new underwater-like wave shader
  • Added vngen_count to replace individual entity *_count functions with a universal function
  • Added ‘previous’ keyword support to character face coordinates in character replace actions
  • Added ‘full’ keyword support to vngen_audio_modify loop clip settings
  • Added vngen_event_get_label to complement vngen_event_get_index
  • Added vngen_script_execute_ext to perform scripts as VNgen actions, including when the running event is skipped
  • Updated vngen_event_get_index to optionally return the index of an event by label (rather than the current event)
  • Replaced per-entity text speed with vngen_set_speed, which sets speed for all text entities.
  • Replaced vngen_instance_create with vngen_instance_change
    • The existing script was not really necessary and functioned more closely to the built-in instance_change function anyhow
  • Replaced bracket escape character with ^. Markup can now be drawn literally as ^[ instead of \[
    • This change was necessary to escape markup in GMS2, but was changed in both versions for interoperability
  • Removed crop animations from replace transitions for consistency among all entities
    • Previously, only a few entities supported them, and created undesirable visual effects in some use-cases.
  • Removed tiled scene deformations from renderlevel 1
    • It is technically not possible to deform tiled scenes at this renderlevel, therefore scenes will now fall back to non-deformed tiles rather than sacrifice tile mode for deformations
  • Removed vngen_option_exists as its functionality has been superseded by vngen_exists
  • Removed language macros as they have been superseded by vngen_type_* macros
  • Fixed text speeds of 0 or less (instant) causing crashes
  • Fixed negative interpolation causing crashes if ease_circ_* modes are used
  • Fixed opaque backgrounds appearing on highlighted objects if certain shaders or blend modes were used
  • Fixed shaders being duplicated when a deform is also active
  • Fixed auto mode being disabled when an indefinite event pause is encountered
  • Fixed backlog override fonts/colors failing to apply
  • Fixed missing backlog audio data if voice is paused in background while previous voice is played in backlog
  • Fixed non-looped audio continuing to play when skipped while the engine is paused
  • Fixed music losing position and clip settings if vngen_goto is run
  • Fixed non-looped sounds failing to fade in on create
  • Fixed mouse cursor getting stuck in hover state if vngen_goto is run while in this state
  • Fixed scaling not updating when launched in fullscreen
  • Miscellaneous additional fixes and improvements


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Jun 07, 2018

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