0.9.9 (Early Access)

  • Added vngen_goto_unread to skip to the nearest option block or unread event
  • Added functions to set shader floats, samplers, and matrices
  • Added functions to replace sounds and vox while synchronizing playback position and other properties
  • Added multi-track and pitch range support to vox
    • Vox source can now be input as an array to create a list of vox which will be randomly selected from each time text increments
    • Additional sounds can be added or removed post-creation
    • Pitch is now randomized between two min/max values rather than simply enabled/disabled with a switch
  • Added trans_spin_in and trans_spin_out transitions
  • Added [event] markup to execute events inline directly (a la links, but without requiring a click)
  • Updated deforms to use 2D point arrays instead of 1D fixed variables
    • This will allow for meshes of any number of columns and rows in a future update
  • Updated effects to use custom variable array, allowing for infinite custom effect variables
  • Raised vngen_script_execute argument limit to 32.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with YYC. YYC is now fully supported
  • Fixed audio fade transitions not being skipped if vngen_goto is run
  • Improved HTML5 compatibility
    • Fixed broken mouse/touch hotspots when using scaling
    • Reduced renderlevel 2 surface usage to mitigate texture swapping glitches
  • Miscellaneous additional fixes and improvements


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May 05, 2018

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