Important Notice: This will be the final update for GMS 1.4, as support for this version of the IDE has ended and the ability to manage marketplace assets through the old version has been removed.


  • Added support for setting the typewriter effect speed of individual text entities with vngen_set_speed
    • This complements the existing [speed] markup feature, which only allows setting a multiplier of the global speed rather than explicit CPS
  • Added global vngen_get_prop and vngen_set_prop functions to modify properties not accessible through existing functions
    • Can also be used to modify a single property when other functions require modifying multiple at once, e.g. vngen_text_modify_pos
    • WARNING: This is an advanced feature, and improper usage can break things. Use at your own risk!
  • Significantly improved performance of vngen_get_* functions when addressing multiple consecutive properties for the same entity
  • Updated button entities to fully ignore the engine pause state
    • Buttons are now suitable for use in creating pause menus
  • Renamed vngen_perspective_modify to vngen_perspective_modify_pos for consistency with other functions
  • Fixed “out of range” errors when creating prompts while no corresponding text exists
  • Fixed GUI not initializing to the correct scale when running vngen_set_scale
  • Fixed vngen_get_* functions returning empty values on entities created in the same frame


vngen-1.0.6.zip 117 MB
Sep 22, 2018

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