• Replaced internal timing functions with a simpler, more versatile timing system
  • Added automatic checks to preserve custom text alignment when drawing VNgen
    • Previously it was required to manually reset draw_set_halign or draw_set_valign before drawing VNgen. This is no longer necessary, as VNgen properly handles both functions.
    • (Requires GameMaker Studio v2.2.1.375 or newer)
  • Added automatic option results logging. Setting an option block ID in vngen_get_option now returns user selections from any previous option!
    • Option selection data is now also saved/loaded with VNgen file functions
  • Added vngen_file_load_map for restoring saved VNgen data to a user-defined ds_map for later usage
  • Improved file functions
    • Fixed loading only restoring the VNgen object and not the event, in some cases
    • Save/load can now be performed in non-VNgen objects
    • Save files now also record the active room when saved
  • Improved rendering on scenes and debug interface
    • Blending is now consistent between full/reduced and legacy render modes
    • Texture filtering is now disabled on debug interface for more legible text
  • Improved handling of speech animations when text and voice are active simultaneously
  • Fixed an issue where prematurely skipping text with an indefinite pause skipped the text, but not the pause
  • Fixed incorrect backlog touch scrolling at non-standard framerates
  • Fixed perspective shaders drawing a blank frame when initialized
  • Fixed mouse interactions in HTML5
  • Miscellaneous additional fixes and improvements


VNgen 1.0.7 (Latest) 18 MB
Feb 24, 2019

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Very interesting engine! Can you give a discount to the owner of the original Edge VN? :) Do you plan to update further for the new version of GMS2 ( Thanks!

Thanks for your interest! VNgen and Edge VN are fundamentally different products. VNgen launched at a discount to give Edge VN users a chance to upgrade, but there's no special discount after that 140 day period. Future sales are a possibility, though. :)

I'm always keeping an eye on GameMaker updates to see what I can take advantage of in VNgen. Version 1.0.8 is well under way and might just be the biggest update yet. Stay tuned!