0.9.1 (Early Access)


  • Added online and offline documentation
  • Added additional macros for entity types, which can now be tested with vngen_exists
  • Added new zoom transitions which replace the old scale transition
  • Rewrote skip functionality to fix bugs with labels and some jumps taking more than a frame to complete
  • Fixed backlog data being duplicated when the window is resized, forcing an event restart–without also disabling duplicate data for intentional restarts. This required creating a new backlog queue system to hold all new log data until rescaling is complete.
  • Fixed attachments scaling to the display rather than the parent character with vngen_attach_replace_ext
  • Fixed option button sprites not respecting sprite alignment
  • Renamed existing vngen_emote_create to vngen_emote_create_ext and added a simplified vngen_emote_create in its place.
  • Standardized code to reduce redundancy and improve performance
  • Miscellaneous additional fixes and improvements

Compatibility Notes

  • Added vngen_emote_create_ext.
    • Existing instances of vngen_emote_create must be renamed to vngen_emote_create_ext.
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Added trans_zoom_out transition and replaced trans_scale with trans_zoom_in.
    • Existing instances of trans_scale must be renamed to trans_zoom_in to complement the new transition.
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Reversed argument order in vngen_set_lang for consistency with other functions.
    • Existing instances of vngen_set_lang must have their arguments ordered ‘language’ first, then ‘type’.
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)


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Dec 05, 2017

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