0.9.2 (Early Access)


  • Fixed an issue causing touch scrolling to sometimes scroll the backlog infinitely
  • Fixed manual linebreaks being removed from backlog text
  • Fixed backlog entries being listed in literal order rather than historical order.
  • Added vngen_log_get_index script to return historical log entry index from an entry’s on-screen order.
  • Added new proportion scaling modes which scale relatively to changes in display scale
  • Added new properties functions (vngen_get_*) to return the calculated width, height, x, y, xscale, yscale, and rotation of VNgen entities, factoring in animations and modifications
  • Updated vngen_exists to optionally check a specific character for attachments, rather than check all characters
  • Enhanced all built-in animations for use with perspective
  • Reduced linebreak strictness so that text surface width can expand or shrink to fit text automatically
  • Renamed vngen_pragma to sys_config for consistency with other new engine functions
  • Standardized code to reduce redundancy and improve performance
  • Miscellaneous additional fixes and improvements

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