0.9.3 (Early Access)

  • Rewrote developer command console (now QCMD!)
    • Added support for keyboard cursor navigation (left/right/home/end)
    • Added support for repeat input if key is held down
    • Externalized commands – console is now extensible!
    • Added new language, log, and window commands (type ‘help’ in QCMD to learn more!)
  • Added keyframe-based effect scripting system
    • Execute arbitrary code in VNgen keyframes!
    • Includes effect scripts for haptic feedback, screen flash, screen shake, and Dualshock 4 lightbar flash
  • Added vngen_get_index function to retrieve internal numeric index for any given entity from the entity type and ID
  • Added vngen_event_count function to retrieve the current total number of events
  • Added support for ‘all’ keyword in vngen_*_destroy functions for destroying all entities of a given type
  • Merged backgrounds and foregrounds into a single internal data structure for more efficient memory management
  • Separated vox speech synthesis into its own data structure and added audio functions to independently pause, stop, and modify vox audio
  • Renamed vngen_log_get_size to vngen_log_count for consistency with other functions
  • Renamed vngen_get_event to vngen_event_get_index for consistency with other functions
  • Updated skip functionality to allow skipping past the final event
  • Updated vngen_script_execute to accept a full 16 arguments (as opposed to the previous 15-argument limitation)
  • Fixed vngen_file_load failing due to outdated use of vngen_goto to restore object event
  • Fixed vngen_log_draw generating errors if log was cleared without destroying the running object
  • Fixed skipped event data being added to the backlog when jumping across objects
  • Fixed text/label actions generating errors if empty string is input
  • Standardized code to reduce redundancy and improve performance
  • Miscellaneous additional fixes and improvements


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Jan 28, 2018

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