0.9.4 (Early Access)

0.9.4 (Early Access)

  • Updated syntax for consistency and ease of use
    • Added ‘all’ keyword support to modify, animate, effects, audio, and log button functions
    • Added ‘idle’ argument to vngen_char_create_ext for consistency with vngen_char_replace_ext
    • Added ‘name’ argument to vngen_text_create_ext and vngen_text_replace_ext for consistency with other functions
    • Added ‘any’ keyword support to vngen_exists to check whether any entity of a given type exists
    • Added optional easing support for all non-extended functions
    • Added vngen_option_create_ext with support for origin, scaling, and variable text colors, and simplified vngen_option_create
    • Added support for checking log buttons to vngen_exists and vngen_get_index
  • Updated prompts to accurately reflect current state during replacement fade and accurately auto-position on rotated text
  • Updated vngen_get_option to clear option results by default–setting the ‘true’ argument is no longer required
  • Updated replace functions to fade the most recently viewed resource when combined with vngen_goto (rather than the most recent resource chronologically, which isn’t always visually correct)
  • Updated animations to rotate coordinates relative to perspective only, not the rotation of the animated entity
  • Fixed option position being calculated incorrectly
  • Fixed destroy actions never completing when ‘all’ keyword is used if no entities of the given type exist
  • Fixed skip failure when skipping to an event label where the event is last in a series
  • Fixed effects causing errors during some uses of vngen_goto
  • Renamed audio functions for consistency with other functions and added wrappers for legacy syntax support
  • Renamed vngen_get_option_number to vngen_option_count for consistency with other functions
  • Renamed vngen_get_option_active to vngen_option_exists for consistency with other functions
  • Standardized code to reduce redundancy and improve performance
  • Miscellaneous additional fixes and improvements


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