0.9.7 (Early Access)

  • Added vngen_room_goto to switch rooms while properly cleaning up VNgen data and preserving log data
  • Added support for multiple renderlevels to improve compatibility with some platforms such as Android, iOS, and HTML5
    • Also added command to set renderlevel in debug console
  • Updated backlog with improved text processing and support for new rendering features such as text alignment
  • Updated display scaling to function as a setting—running a script every step is no longer require
    • Scaling now supports HTML5
    • Also added command to set scaling view in debug console
  • Unified label and text rendering to fix numerous bugs with labels
  • Fixed a bug causing transitions to never be considered complete
  • Standardized code to reduce redundancy and improve performance
  • Miscellaneous additional fixes and improvements


VNgen (Early Access) [GameMaker Studio] 4 MB
Apr 07, 2018

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