0.9.8 (Early Access)

  • Added per-entity shader support and a selection of included shaders
    • Support for custom uniforms coming in a future update
  • Added make_color_rgb_to_hex to complement make_color_hex, which has now been renamed make_color_hex_to_rgb for consistency
  • Added optional “perform” argument to vngen_goto to allow disabling performing skipped events
  • Added optional “id” argument to vngen_option_select to allow selecting a specific option directly without navigation
  • Fixed wrong colors being used when auto labels are replaced with the ‘previous’ color/font setting at the target event of vngen_goto
  • Fixed style inheritance failing to record certain properties. Backlog now inherits label styles for speaker names
  • Fixed incorrect scaling when launched directly in fullscreen
  • Removed audio wrappers in favor of native functions
  • Miscellaneous additional fixes and improvements


VNgen (Early Access) [GameMaker Studio] 4 MB
Apr 21, 2018

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